RecordMe - Purposely Built AI-Powered Financial Bot for Your Firm

Leverages AI and ML to automate bookkeeping and accounting tasks while steadily changing the way your business operates.
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Ensure Next-Gen Experiences With Automated Accounting Services

It's time to experience fully automated bookkeeping and accounting solutions developed to help Accounting Firms embrace digitization. Seamlessly take complete control of your business finance now!

Meet Excellence and Automate Bookkeeping With RecordMe

Our AI-powered financial bot is capable of handling bookkeeping tasks ranging from invoice generation to payment reimbursements while ensuring a seamless experience.


Automate calculations and add bills without any hassle.


Use collected data to create vouchers in real time using automated bookkeeping services.


Generate accurate price quotations based on real-time expense calculations.


Generate invoices in multiple languages and formats.

Expenses Claim

Calculate the cost and claim expenses and save up to 5 minutes per data entry.

Payroll Data

Generate salary slips and clear outstanding dues for your employees in minutes instead of days.

Get AI-Driven Analytics and Generate Customized Reports with Our Online Accounting Services

Our AI-driven finance bots can generate customized reports that provide a high-level overview of your business financial standings, with a particular focus on trusted AI insights that fall under the dimensions of quality, accuracy, and interpretability.

Profit & Loss

Bots for bookkeeping help you create profit and loss reports to provide better insight to stakeholders.

Cash Summary

Get hands-on to a detailed summary of business finance through an accounting automation solution.

Balance Sheet

Create the balance sheets in desired formats using AI powered accounting services

VAT Reports

Get customized VAT reports instantly in real time using RecordMe’s automated bookkeeping solution

Management Reports

Accounting automation solution enables to Generate detailed business reports to make better-informed decisions

Inventory Details

Integrate our automated bookkeeping solution and get control over your inventory in real time

RecordMe Features That Businesses Need!

Easy Integration

Capable of pairing with business apps to record expenses on go & easily manage resources.

Smart Validations

Advanced validations to detect anomalies e.g. duplicate documents or missing information.

Highest Level of Accuracy

Advanced AI algorithms ensure accurate data extraction, pre-validated for accuracy.

Advanced Financial Insights

AI automation can instantly deliver financial insights in real-time.

Cost savings

Leveraging AI to create efficiencies in day-to-day financial processes to reduce costs by up to 80%.

Automated Bookkeeping Services for Diverse Industries

Automate Business Workflows with RecordMe AI-Enhanced Financial Bot

Our automated bookkeeping solution automatically collects accounting data and adds entries to your preferred accounting software, by using market-leading OCR technology and artificial intelligence. Documents RecordMe supports;

Bank Statements
Tax Documents

Partnership Agreements
Business License
Invoice Documents

Get Rid of Painful Data Entry Tasks

Let RecordMe do the Repetitive Tasks for You

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