Extract and Categorize Accounting Data in the Blink of an Eye Using Our Innovative OCR Technology

Accounting Automation does not have to be as dull and monotonous as always. RecordMe empowers your business to automate accounting and bookkeeping through a simple drag-and-drop process.

Here’s a sneak peek at how we do it:

Turn Your Financial Documents into Valuable Data Insights Through Our Fully Automated Accounting Workflow

The user uploads an invoice or a bill

The user uploads an invoice or a bill

Data is extracted using OCR technology

Data is extracted using OCR technology

The type of invoice

The type of invoice is determined and further categorized as per the extracted data


The extracted data is validated and posted in the client’s accounting software

Scale Your Business and Increase ROI to 100%  using Our Automated Bookkeeping Platform


Streamlined Invoice Processing

Say goodbye to delays with on-the-spot invoice processing using our OCR-powered bookkeeping solution. Integrate RecordME’s financial services in your accounting software and manage invoice processing in real-time. Learn more.

Fast-Track Payment Categorisation

Take the guesswork out of your financial processes, identify transaction types, and process payments with the highest level of accuracy. No bill, no problem – Seamlessly record expenses or bank transactions without bills or invoices. Learn more.

Efficient File Management

Get rid of manual file management practices and leverage innovative technologies to automate your workflows using our automated accounting platform Discover our multiple file formats, split and merge different PDFs seamlessly, and experience the power of automation. Learn more.

Synchronize Email Request

Every request is handled with care, from single documents to multiple files via email. With RecordME, you can easily send requests through email. When sending requests via email, subject lines become your instant description in RecordMe fields. Learn more.

Ensure Smart Validations

Effortlessly manage multiple organizations and assign team members with ease. RecordME lets you take control of request approvals and submission processes, empowering your digital accountants with greater oversight. Learn more.

Innovative, Smart, and Efficient Accounting and Bookkeeping Platform to Take Your Business to New Heights

Utilise the combined power of automation and human expertise to provide services with improved efficiency and reduced costs. Meet industrial standards with enhanced productivity and higher accuracy in your accounting operations. Here’s how we can help you get your desired results


Tailored Approach

Manage business accounts your way with our customisable accounting platform.



Grow your business with ease as our accounting platform adapts to your needs.


Real-Time Insights

Instant access to up-to-date data for informed decision-making.


Audit Readiness

Be prepared for audits with organized and easily accessible records.



Extract data accurately from invoices, bank statements, and receipts.



Avoid repetitive tasks by using automating bookkeeping services designed to meet financial excellence.


Our Automated Accounting and Bookkeeping Platform is Flexible, Scalable, and Configurable

Here is what we have accomplished this far:

  • Invoices Processed
  • Bills Processed
  • Payments Processed