One-stop Platform to Automate Your Invoice Processing


Automated Invoice Data Extraction

Our in-house OCR technology extracts data precisely, leaving no room for human errors 


Hassle-Free Uploading

Customers can upload invoices in any file format for processing


Precise Invoice Categorization

RecordMe’s automated accounting platform instantly accesses the transaction type and generates the report in real-time.


Streamline Automated Invoice Processing for Effective Financial Management

RecordME’s smart rule-based workflows empower businesses to manage online invoice processing while helping companies experience automation.

  • Configure simple or multi-level invoice processing workflows
  • Intelligent and automated process for invoice processing
  • Auto-validate and approve purchase orders and invoices
  • Match invoices and purchase orders to detect exceptions proactively
  • Monitor invoice status across the approval stages
  • Dynamic and real-time alerts

Say Goodbye to Errors and Hello to  Real-Time  Invoice Processing

Automated Field Extraction

Easily extract the data from a given invoice while separating fields like due dates, invoice numbers, tax rates, applied discounts, and intricate currency details.

Error-Free Validation

Our automated invoice processing solution eliminates the risk of errors, including duplicate entries, ensuring data is extracted accurately.

Smart Invoice Management

With the highest security standards, RecordME’s invoicing services  ensures your data is stored securely in one place, where you can access it from anywhere at any time.

​​Make Your Accounting Teams 10x More Efficient with Automated Invoice Generation Service

Multi-Channel Invoice Collection

RecordME allows vendors to send invoice data in multiple formats, including PDF, electronic, or paper-based invoices.

Intuitive User Interfaces

Our Invoice generation feature offers an intuitive user interface that users can easily use and understand. 


RecordME’s invoice processing software integrates seamlessly with other accounting systems, allowing the routing of validated data into existing ERP systems.


Our highly customizable solution allows businesses to mould according to their company requirements.