An All-in-One Platform To Accelerate Data Processing & Extraction


File Management

Customers can now directly send their business files for processing via email, where RecordME’s automated accounting platform will automatically extract data for processing.


Email Integration

Businesses can integrate RecordME’s software into their email accounts to directly send them email requests in real-time.


Personalized Processing

Upload a single bill or multiple documents, our solution automatically identifies the templates and categorises the files accordingly.


Avoid Hassle, Reduce Cost & Shape Your Business Success with RecordME’s Email Request Solution


AI-Based Email

No fixed templates or rules. RecordME’s automated bookkeeping platform automatically extracts data from all sorts of emails in real time.

Attached Files

Automatically extract data from multiple files at once with maximum accuracy.

Supports all File

RecordME’s OCR scanner supports PDFs, image files, CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, and more.

​​Streamline Your Data Extraction Processes and Save Up To 80 Hours Every Month with RecordME

Digitize Financial Operation

Enhance your financial operation with our intelligent accounting automation solution and OCR technology.

Real-Time Insights

Get detailed insights and make informed decisions by recording payments in real-time.

Promote Remote Working

Our cloud-based financial management solution allows employees to collaborate remotely with your team or customers.

Avoid Manual Errors

Overcome the frustrating and humanly generated errors with RecordME’s automated data extraction.