Fast-Track Payment Processing in no Time Using Our Automated Accounting Platform

Take control of your payment information to ensure future transaction success and transparency across multiple business partners and providers.

  • Centralised Reports
  • Automated Data Extraction
  • Instant Categorisation
  • Payment Lifecycle management
  • Audit Trail
  • Enhanced Transparency

Upload, Extract, and Categorize Financial Data Instantly


Elevate Payments
with Real-Time

Experience the power of RecordMe’s AI solution that swiftly identifies transaction data to identify payments expertly with precision and flair.

Extract Data

Leverage the power of AI with our OCR payments solution while extracting data without a hitch, delivering unwaveringly reliable insights for business success.

Categorize Payment
Data in No Time

RecordMe helps businesses automatically distinguish between bill payments and invoice settlements, ensuring smooth and accurate payments throughout the business network.

Ensure Stability with RecordME’s Global Payment Processing


Fool-Proof Validations

Extract data accurately across payments with RecordMe, validating each transaction to ensure precision throughout the financial data. 


Enhanced Financial Insights

Fine-tune your financial status using RecordMe’s automated accounting platform, allowing you to intuitively select banks from your account charts.


Swift Payment Processing

Effortlessly discern your bills and invoices using RecordME’s AI solution that automatically processes data for necessary payments.


​​RecordMe – Where Businesses Meet Accounting Automation

Save Time

RecordME helps remove administrative payment tasks and supplier management with automated payment processing, saving significant time.

Reduce Costs

We help businesses eliminate manual paperwork, preventing errors leading to losses and helping you reduce costs with the power of automation.  

Gain Visibility

Gaining insight into who, when, and how is being paid, evaluating payment methods and channels, and enabling transparency over your business transactions.

Take Control

By reducing payment management system liability and removing security burdens, RecordME helps businesses take control of their finance management.