Our Team

Meet the Minds Behind RecordMe’s Exclusive and  Automated Bookkeeping Services

We're a unique team of 50+ passionate accountants and growing - having one simple purpose: to help you meet excellence.


Qaiser Rafique

Founder, CEO


Maryam Ehsan



Richard Wallis


Our Culture

We empower individuals and foster teamwork for mutual success. Here is why we have a great team of like-minded accountants and professionals:

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Always Pushing Boundaries

We constantly push our team and make them think to get 100x from where we are now. We aren’t afraid to take risks and always look to disrupt the industry with innovations.

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Dream Team

The key to winning is to build diverse teams of brilliant-minded go-getters who break barriers and exceed expectations.


Think Deeper

We believe in logic building and reasoning over everything else in decision-making. We dive deep until we get to the core.

Drive Innovation

Drive Innovation

Innovation is the thing that keeps businesses floating. At RecordME, we offer our teams a tech-savvy environment that drives innovation.