100% Guaranteed Success with Automated Payment Approvals in Real Time


Create Organisation

Create and manage multiple organizations all under one business account.


Assign Employees

Empower team members across multiple organizations and assign them to multiple entities effortlessly.


Approve Transactions

Take control of employees’ requests and review transactions before posting in accounting software.


Greater Visibility with Complete Control Over Global Payment Processing

One account, multiple possibilities. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing different accounts and efficiently handle all your business payouts from a single, intuitive portal.


Track Approvals
Anytime and

Check and provide approval anytime while sending automated reminders with one click.


Categorize financial documents and assess which bills need approval by whom and when are their due dates.

Increase Fraud

Add a customizable approval workflow with multi-factor authentication checks to overcome the risk of fraud.

Effective Expense Management with Automated Approvals For Every Business

Speed up your payment approval process with RecordME’s AI-backed approval workflows and Let your executive employees approve vendor invoices or business payments digitally in just one click.

Automated Notifications and Alerts

Business executives are automatically notified about pending payment approvals from their side. Payment deadlines are always met using RecordME.

Automated workflows

With RecordME, your business can create an automatic approval process workflow, sending invoices to the designated entities according to pre-set rules.

Digital Payment Approvals

Let your business executives and managers authorize payments on the go, digitally.


Plug-in-Play integration to many popular accounting systems and third-party business applications.