Automate Repetitive and Time-Consuming File Management Tasks with RecordME

Streamline your financial data management by leveraging the power of automation. Allow your customers to upload and download business files in multiple formats without any effort.


Upload Files

Easily upload files of various formats with RecordMe’s intuitive upload functionality.


Split and Merge

Split a single PDF in a matter of seconds or combine different invoice or bill files to create a single file processing request in real-time.


Bulk Files Processing

Process multiple files in bulk without performing any other function. Our AI-powered accounting platform will assess and process each file separately without errors.


Automate File Management and Experience the Difference With RecordME


Multiple Format

RecordMe’s intelligent payment management system identifies your transaction’s nature and expertly processes payments with precision and flair.

Seamless File

Upload a single file or in bulk without the hassle and get your file request processed in real-time.


Fast-track your file processing request and instantly get results while improving your operational efficiency.

Manage Document-Centric Processes More Productively and Securely

Unexpected Returns

When you’re managing and processing files, every second counts. With our state-of-the-art ORC technology, you can simultaneously upload, extract and manage files in multiple formats.

Reach New Heights

Instantly access the information you need every time you need it, then there’s nothing that can hold you down.

Optimize Your Output

Automated file management workflows drive better business outcomes, eliminating errors and boosting productivity.

Work as One

Together, we can go farther, faster. Extract and share information instantly and securely with our automated accounting software.