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How to Streamline Business Books with Online Accounting Services?

25 Jan 2023 n-img-how-to

Who wants to record financial entries with dull traditional methods that waste a lot of time? 21% of SME owners state that their accountants don’t know much about their profession. Yesterday is gone and the modern world has flourished with many opportunities. In today’s world, every company is quickly changing its concern from manual bookkeeping to automation. The US accounting software market is expected to grow by 416.23$ Billion in 2024.  With the emerging trends of technology, automation leverages every small and medium company to increase the efficiency of their employees.

What are Online Accounting Services?

Automated bookkeeping software allows small and medium size companies to keep track of their invoices and every financial transaction. Keeping a record of every financial entry is not possible especially when the business grows. So, web-based software helps businesses to be in long-term competition and utilize their time more wisely.

Benefits to Streamline Accounting Books with Online Software

Automation plays a crucial role in every department as it replaces most human tasks with cloud-based apps. Especially in the finance industry, the  benefits of automation exceed its cons and make it reliable for every type of company like IT, health care, hospitals, and many more. Web-based accounting software omits repetitive tasks, reduces workload, and saves enormous time for any other task. This is the reason that 67% of accountants prefer automated solutions.

1) Strengthen Data Security

Data breaches, data loss and theft are among the common practices in manual bookkeeping. It tends to be time-consuming, chaotic and less accurate as anyone in the company can access the financial statements without permission. According to ACFE, 36% of fraudsters alter physical documents and 40% create fraudulent physical documents. Online accounting software has the tendency to strengthen data security as only authorized users can access it.

2) Increase Company Revenue

Revenue is directly linked with less expenses. Hiring and training employees is a waste of time and money in today’s world. The goal of the company can only be achieved with online accounting software. With automation, employees have more time to work on boosting sales. Time and cost efficiency leads to more revenue.


3) Minimizes Paperwork

The major drawback of manual bookkeeping is that every financial entry is recorded on paper. The whole finance team is hired and trained for this purpose, which wastes time. It also takes a lot of space on-premises and time to arrange in an easy way to find when needed. Automation minimizes the paperwork as everything becomes digitized. Going paperless has numerous benefits, like it doesn’t require more space. They are easier to access by just typing a file name with the date and online software fetches all the related information.

4) Cost Effective

With technological advancements, organizations have realized that they can’t rely on traditional bookkeeping methods as they have become outdated. With the ongoing economy trends, companies should look for new ways to reduce costs without compromising on quality. The major benefit of automation is that it takes care of time-consuming and repetitive tasks like entering information in invoices or databases. Moreover, automation also permits employees to focus on more engaging and meaningful tasks.

5) Enjoy more Accurate Data

Data analytics, classification, collection, and replication become tough for the team when the company grows. There are more chances of entering incorrect data by mistake. So it’s high time for any company to integrate automated bookkeeping services. Automated software enables operational and tactical analysts to leverage multi-data projects that improve operational consistency. With automation, businesses can quickly turn raw data into accurate financial insights.

6) Enhance Customer Experience

Communication is the key, specifically with customers. Manual bookkeeping doesn’t spare employees enough time to build customer relationships.  Communication with customers should be direct and efficient. Automated chatbots are reducing the burden on employees by triaging queries between chatbots and in-house staff. Consumers are turning to chatbots for quick interaction and for instant answers to their queries.

7) Facilitates More Space Through Cloud

It is a crucial aspect to achieve an effective cloud strategy. Automated accounting services are used to accomplish tasks without human intervention. Data backup, auto-provisioning servers, and discovering unused processes are those tasks that cloud-based servers can achieve without any human intervention. Moreover, it provides enough space to store all business transactions for many years. With just one click, it provides accurate financial statements and audited reports within seconds.

How RecordMe Enhances Productivity of Business?

Manual processes have too high a cost for CFOs, broader business, investor confidence, and accounting teams.  They elevate risk, sap resources,time, compliance processes, and place shadow over audits. Modern accounting solutions automate repetitive tasks, unify processes and ensure data & propel accountability through visibility. They allow organizations to manage their core accounting and finance responsibilities to its fullest.

RecordMe helps companies to optimize their inventory, business processes, employee productivity, and relevant information. It enhances company productivity, and speed of operations, while reduces errors and eliminates non-value-added activities.