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Cloud Bookkeeping Services – Automating Financial Processes

20 Dec 2022 n-img-cloud

The global accounting software market is expected to grow to $20.4 billion dollars by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.02%.

Artificial intelligence has been a critical component of the bookkeeping industry in past years. Mckinsey states that 88% of insurance and finance executives have implemented automation and AI.

In the modern world, technological advancements have surpassed the scenario of outdated financials. Remote control sessions, removal of real-time data, and desktop-based software are also obsolete.

The ability to support the latest cloud-based technology can entirely transform your firm and the entire bookkeeping industry.

What is Bookkeeping Bot?

By combining AI and ML, automated bookkeeping bots reduce human intervention in financial statements. These bots are applications that help in classifying, organizing, and maintaining a business’s financial records. Tasks like planning for the fiscal year, tax time, and establishing a budget are easier when financial records are accurate and reliable.

Shift from Traditional Bookkeeping to Bookkeeping Bots

Finance departments are a mixture of a wide range of activities, from collecting primary data to constructing complex decisions as business leaders.

Automation allows businesses to enhance performance, reduce errors, improve speed and quality, and sometimes achieve results beyond human expertise.

Long-term benefits of automation include increased productivity, accountability, and flexibility. It can help reduce errors in procedures, and increase sales, time back and lead generation.

As bots evolved and granted access, finance companies in collaboration with their IT teams and CIOs- followed identity access management procedures.  A questionnaire with IAM is conducted to assess user risks.

Bots identify the management process and help the administration anticipates and discard crucial conflicts of interest. For example, password management, user access certification, and security-related risks.

Enhancing Existing Controls

Once a bot starts its operations, control activities make sure that the bot functions correctly. Bots can not replicate humans even though they can do business activities and execute tasks faster.

Bots that are appropriately designed and have adequate monitoring controls decrease the risk of errors in bookkeeping. AI and ML enable the efficiency and better performance of the business.

Efficient Data Collection

Accuracy of data collection matters because it forms the basis for understanding financial transactions and helps make essential policies. These policies help in making decisions and determining the allocation of funding.

The concern of a comprehensive, expanded approach to identifying data categories is significant. Bookkeeping robots do the central part of the work.

Whenever a bookkeeper receives a receipt or bill, all he has to do is upload the picture. Bots automatically retrieve data from these receipts, including serial no., date, and time.

Enhance Processing Speed

Sort papers manually, and data entry is time-consuming. These delays minimize the firm’s ability to encounter deadlines.

Cloud technology is the basis of modern, digital business as it reduces costs, workload, and connects workers. The cloud enables consistency and scalability in financial data that enables executives to make the right decisions at the right time.

More Structured Data

Cloud-computing software lets bookkeepers download financial statements directly from customers’ credit and debit financial accounts to record and manage the most accurate invoices and statements.

Since RecordMe is an accounting solution software, it enables banks to use real-time integration so that bookkeepers and customers can edit, view and add or delete notes, tags and statements.

From Traditional Payroll Services to Modern Full-Service Payroll

Traditional payroll services are evolved into 24/7 full-service payroll. RecordMe allows for automated employee onboarding with synced data directly.

This automated bookkeeping service instantly saves medium and small-business owners from the hassles of payroll complexities. RecordMe has made payroll software more friendly because it enables users to add personal notes or tags.

Data Security

More businesses are moving towards automation; data security is the primary concern now. 74% of safety professionals are concerned directly about threats. They agree that automated bookkeeping can provide better security by:

  • Reducing employee disclosure of sensitive information
  • Minimizing the required time to discover security breaches


Fulfilling the following steps will make sure that bots align with the company security policy.

  • Recognize potential safety risks before the automation of the organization’s business processes.
  • Mapping security practices at all stages of automation, like developing bots, environment setup, and accomplishing automated business processes.

Utilize the Time to Implement Strategic Plans

Strategic planning is a crucial business practice to position an organization to guide management decisions, organizational success and unite executives to a common goal.

Automation allows organizations to offload mundane, repetitive tasks and simplify complex physical activities. Streamlining these processes allows for freeing up time and also allows employees to work on important responsibilities.


How can RecordMe Help Simplify your Bookkeeping Process?

The benefits of automated bookkeeping are skeptical. Automated bookkeeping functions are not dependent on bookkeepers and can provide service without them. Bots reduce the future expenses of your company.

Automated bookkeeping solutions by leveraging advanced technologies are necessary for a business to boost productivity. It also saves time, reduces errors, and provides a competitive edge.

If you want to streamline your accounting operations of your business to acquire automated bookkeeping services, then contact us.