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Top 10 Ways AI Automated Bookkeeping Solutions Boost Work Efficiency

20 Mar 2023 Record-me-blogs-10

According to a recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity in business sectors is continuously dropping. Because smartphone usage has risen to dominance, the question arises, “does technology actually cause the sharp decline in productivity over the last decade?”

While some companies think that banning technology in the workplace can enhance employees’ focus and productivity. But the truth is that with minimum effort and discipline, the same technology, specifically digital bookkeeping can be utilized successfully to make tasks faster and simpler.

How much does a Digital Bookkeeping Service Cost?

When any company thinks about investing in digital bookkeeping services to control the company’s financial statements, it raises the question of how much digital bookkeeping software costs and what type of bookkeeping service they provide? There is no simple answer to this question about finance and cost but the internet is swamped with information diversity about expenses.

Below are some facts that explain how modern applications and devices help customers increase their productivity, work more efficiently and finally achieve their business goals.

1) Make Sure to Use the Right Automated Technology

Companies should realize that technology can be a curse or a blessing depending on its usage. With the usage of the right technological tools, the company can increase its productivity. Analyze if the company needs a productivity boost in everyday life and conduct research that if any tool is needed to fill the gap. There are more chances that it will.

2) Incorporate Automation Tools

Explore the tools that automate every single thing from paying and scheduling bills to email responses or updating contact lists. Moreover, create many apps that provide a path to digitize manual processes like gift giving or lost making.

3) Manage Passwords Effectively

Password resets and reissues are costly both financially and operationally and it’s phased out to replace biometric authentication. Till many applications offer intuitive UX like a selfie to log in or voice recognition for password management or for payment, it is crucial. Some companies recommend managing credentials among devices with digital bookkeeping software like RecordMe.

4) Use Technology when Employees Need it Most

There are technological solutions for almost every issue employees face and these are crucial as productivity reduces when employees get engaged in any other activity. The key reason is that more than 42% SMBs expects accountant to offer pieces of advice. But, it’s not true as parallel companies are taking advantage by utilizing AI services. First of all, recognize the points where employees regularly waste time; then select REcordME mobile services or apps that have the potential to meet those requirements.


5) Use Chrome Extensions

Every company wants to achieve more in less time and the best way to do this is to add all tool extensions to the chrome browser. It allows you to access them instantly which comes under time management. RecordMe is recommended to remember and save passwords of every website employees log into. It saves a substantial amount of time and enhances productivity.

6) Set Clear and Concise Goals and Keep them Simple

There is potential in setting goals and common digital bookkeeping services are easy ways to stay productive and focused. Set reminders or record goals and keep them on a priority list so that employees execute tasks according to their importance level. Daily, weekly, and monthly task reminders push employees to analyze the biggest picture regularly. It’s the easiest and simplest way to keep employees on track with assigned goals that ultimately lead to future success and greater achievement.

7) Improve What the Company Already Have

Appoint an easy-to-use plug-in or add-on function to improve existing programs. For example, some companies use RecordMe’s digital bookkeeping services as a reminder or an email filing system. It’s easy with this software as it automatically cleans up inboxes by archiving essential messages and bringing them back when needed. That’s why 61% of SMBs are satisfied with their online accounting service providers.

8) Take Competitive Edge with a Free Application

Taking advantage of free applications makes everyday life more productive and effective. Not only these companies can take a competitive advantage by utilizing these applications but there are almost more expenses to deal with in everyday life.

9. Use Less Expensive Technology

Of course, workforce and process automation yield greater efficiency returns. But, owners sometimes forget that they can achieve most of the productivity through uninterrupted time periods. Where they think, work hard, and achieve desired goals through incremental improvements. Use technology that is affordable and reliable according to every organizational need.

10) Manage Time with a Calendar App

Calendars are an underutilized productivity tool so far as reminders match really well with the best planning. Once the accountant or CFO decides the company’s monthly goals and enters them into the calendar, employee productivity will increase.

Redefine the Workplace with Digital Bookkeeping Tools

For a few years, employees think that digital bookkeeping technology reduces jobs. Yet, it’s not true because automated bookkeeping isn’t killing jobs; it’s redefining the job nature. As organizations continue to adopt and implement advanced technologies, automated tools support employees by optimizing workplace processes. Due to this, organizations can directly focus on creating strategies that instantly impact brand success. Rather than having employees that waste hours on a piece of work that bog down efficiency.

How RecordMe Prompt Efficiency in Employees?

Advancements in IT improve employee efficiency and productivity. RecordME provides the best services by giving excellent digital bookkeeping services. For pricing, we provide a free trial or a free version of the software at the lowest or highest price that organizations can choose according to their affordability. We also broke down features into two distinct categories: special and general features. General features include providing digital bookkeeping, offers bank reconciliation, and offers tools like payroll, bill pay, invoicing and financial statements.