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Email Parsing | A Comprehensive Guide to Automate Data Extraction

27 Nov 2023

It’s no secret that company owners must manually extract the information from hundreds of emails each month. Market sellers cannot simultaneously extract financial statements and customer contact information from an Excel file. But his new sale notice emails have all of this information.

Email parsing software can help extract and combine all the data instantly in this situation. However, the global email parsing software market will reach $1067.9 million in 2029, with a 10.5% CAGR from 2023 to 2029.

This blog discusses an email parsing service and the business benefits of integrating one.

What is an Email Parsing?

Email parsing solutions extract data from incoming emails, such as headers and bodies. The software can also read PDF, CSV, and MS Office files from email attachments.

Instead of human data entry, workflow automation solutions use parsed email data. Email parsing software simplifies business process automation and connects with many CRM and other systems. It saves many hours of laborious data entry.

What is the Function of Email Parsing Software?

Email parsing solution locates keywords and phrases in email bodies to gather data. Companies can also mix email data with local files or internal tools. After defining parsing rules, the application automatically captures email text.

The email parser retrieves and sends data in plain text to avoid manually searching Gmail or other email mailboxes for names, keywords, or document titles. Email parsers can even construct a CRM-compatible contact list from recent emails.

Why is Email Parsing Software Important?

Email parsing software can be a huge relief when managing time and resources for businesses that get a high volume of emails daily. Employees can stop manually extracting data from emails by using an email parser.

Companies may relax knowing that the API is doing a superb job of automatically gathering this large volume of data for them. Thus, it reduces human assistance in data entry when they use email parsing software.

Does Email Parsing Work Like Web Scraping?

Web scraping and email parsing are similar in certain ways. Both kinds of software, for instance, process data using machine learning. Names, titles, contact details, and other text data kinds can all be extracted by them. 

Where the API obtains its data is the primary distinction between site scraping and email parsing. Whereas a web scraper takes text off of webpages, an email processor mainly takes text from emails. Comparably, web scrapers get specific information from web HTML pages, and email parser solutions read emails that come in for the same purpose. It may be difficult for consumers to distinguish between web scrapers and email parsers if they are unaware of their purposes.

What are the Perks of Email Parsing?

An email parser that captures all the important information is helpful for most firms that receive many emails every day. So, an organisation doesn’t have to review all incoming emails’ contents and attachments manually; the API extracts data.

Since a major portion of emails and attached files contain vital business information, including financial statistics, company meeting details, and announcements, these can get lost in endless email threads. Email data extraction software finds, extracts, and saves all essential data.

Adding an email parser benefits the administrative department and the entire company. Among these benefits:

  • Workflow Automation

Any software that helps a business automate its processes is very beneficial. Email parser solutions collect all of the data automatically from incoming emails, including ones from different addresses, and feed it into the company’s CRM. Businesses only need to select the mandatory field of information they want to gather, and the email parser will take care of the rest.

  • Cut Back Costs

In contrast to an automated data extraction API service, a specialised data input staff is costly, slow, and prone to errors. Having an email parser prevents employees from taking on laborious email data entry duties, which could negatively impact other work assignments.

Employing data entry workers who put in long hours is not necessary for businesses that have AI email parsing software.

Benefits of Email Parsing
  • Faster Process Times

Since email processing is entirely automated, parsing software will keep operating even when staff members are not accessible. By using an email parser, businesses may immediately link the collected data to their CRM and manage with smaller email backlogs.

  • Better Quality Assurance

When businesses automate data extraction from incoming emails into their CRM or other business systems, all of the data they extract is accurate due to email parsing software. A restaurant featured on various food apps that processes hundreds of orders each day can be overwhelmed by customer data.

In this scenario, an error might cause significant disruptions to the organisation’s ordering and delivery systems, even for the most proficient manual data entry specialist. However, manually entered data has an average error rate of 26.9% with a range of 0.55% to 3.6%. Thus, email parsers enable the delivery team to have immediate access to information such as client contacts, ordered items, and delivery locations.

  • Improved Workload Control During Peak Seasons

Many businesses have a steady backlog of work over the holidays and frequently have to put in endless hours to meet the demands of their clientele.

Email parsers can assist in handling the increasing workload by gathering information from all incoming emails, including contact details and email signatures, allowing businesses to concentrate on satisfying their clients. With the same helpful team they collaborate with during off-peak hours, businesses can balance their workflow, meet deadlines, and assign resources.

How RecordMe Can Help?

Email parsing software is many, but a company’s choice depends on its needs. Automated accounting software RecordMe can help you improve business productivity, manage time and resources, and cut costs. 

Automatic data extraction from RecordMe gives you full control over the retrieved data, which you may process or utilize immediately. Our solution offers your company extra benefits:

  • Process all emails and attachments with our AI-powered email parser.
  • Easily transform and extract data into any format.  
  • Benefit from an efficient process by automating all manual operations. 
  • Send data to any business system via API. 

Improve corporate communication and productivity by automating email data extraction. Ask our experts or book a free demo below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is the Scope of Email Parsing?

Ans) Email parsing solutions extract data from emails. Mail parsing APIs extract topic and body data. It also extracts data from PDFs, CSVs, pictures, and other email attachments.

Q2) Why Businesses Use Email Parsing?

Ans) The purpose of email parsing software is to retrieve certain data fields from received emails. Importing user-generated, unstructured email content into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems becomes easy. This means that data entry by hand is no longer needed due to email parsing.