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Switch Your Business From Excel To Online Accounting Services

12 Jan 2023 n-img-switch

The accuracy and dependability of traditional bookkeeping services may have been higher. The majority of employee time is spent managing and recording financial statements in excel sheets. the tedious and time-consuming task of recording financial statements.

Watching all of these things, Financial bots have been created by AI. These aren’t actually robots, but rather cloud-based or web-based applications. The hourly work is reduced to minutes by these apps. In 2023, AI will generate a half a trillion dollars, according to 80% of SMEs. Automated bookkeeping software needs a one-time, initial expenditure. It avoids minor costs associated with daily tasks. This is how AI is saving time and money for many businesses.

The Definition of Automated Bookkeeping

The upkeep of financial records is difficult and laborious. By incorporating financial bots, automated bookkeeping reduces this. Bots provide the scanner, which may be used to scan all invoices and receipts. Therefore, all of the time that the finance team spends managing the financial books is left out. AI can be the best assistant if used and implemented strategically and effectively.

Top 10 Justifications for Switching from Excel to Automated Bookkeeping Software

Despite the fact that automated bookkeeping has helped SMEs by offering a number of advantages. By exploring automation more thoroughly, businesses can understand it.

  • Accounts Payable Automation

By starting the automation of accounts payable, businesses can save a significant amount of time. The computer programme automatically notifies CFOs of payments that need to be made before the deadline. Employees no longer have to go through the effort of going through paper invoices or reminding the CFO. That AI bots are increasing productivity by 40% is true.

  • Accounts Receivables Automation

Only a small fraction of financial statements are made up of accounts receivable. However, maintaining this record takes a lot of time. Automation is therefore essential to accounts receivable. Web-based software automatically notifies suppliers or clients to pay their invoices in full before the due date. The manual accounts receivable procedure has been simplified, and the previously hourly workload has been cut in half.

  • Time Saver

After automation, there was only one method for businesses to reduce time if they wanted to. It takes effort and a more knowledgeable perspective to organise all the facts on an excel sheet. It takes time to hire professionals and train them about the business. This problem has been resolved by AI with the OCR capability. Receipts, bills, and other papers with handwritten text are scanned using optical character recognition. provides immediate, audit-ready financial reporting. As a result, 84% of companies claim they can acquire a competitive edge.


Online Cloud Storage

Businesses can access cloud storage thanks to web-based technologies. Cloud software’s accessibility around-the-clock increases its appeal to owners. The necessity for the bookkeeper and the entire financial staff is reduced. Better security and a decrease in fraud are two more significant benefits of cloud storage. The web-based software is only accessible to legitimate users thanks to their distinctive ID and fingerprint. By utilizing this distinctive trait, 30% of AI software will exist by 2030.

  • Increase Data Transfer Speed

Sometimes, the software used for cloud computing serves as a cybersecurity asset. Data is processed more quickly since the scanner uploads each document and invoice. To boost efficiency and provide employees more freedom, many businesses are turning to AI. Artificial intelligence and machine learning target this area of solutions. To accomplish this, a significant amount of data is gathered, saved, and utilized. It increases output and reduces the amount of time needed to give financial insights.

  • Real-time Cash Flow Monitoring

Owners can rapidly access cash flows thanks to financial automation, which eliminates the need for bookkeepers. Owners can easily understand how much money is coming in and going out of the company. According to the statistics, AI is significant because 28% of owners have fully embraced its results while 42% of owners aim to apply it.

  • Less Repeated Activities

Companies can now reduce their monotonous duties thanks to AI. Manual bookkeeping requires a lot of repetition of chores. However, web-based software gets rid of it by sending the user a warning message. The user can immediately change or cancel the financial transaction.

  • Identification of Revenue

Using manual bookkeeping required a lot of effort to access the quarterly or monthly revenue report. AI makes it simple to access financial reports instantly and quickly. Now, a business may easily match its choices with its profit and loss accounts. It aids owners in making the most accurate future projections.

  • Easy Tax Reporting

Traditionally, creating tax reports required several hours and days. They are able to make decisions thanks to web-based software that offers quick reports. The tax form is filled up automatically by the programme and presented to the owners. Through AI, businesses are increasing their productivity.

RecordMe helps consumers by offering immediate tax reports. By spending money on automated bookkeeping software, business owners can save their valuable time. Reduce the amount of superfluous paper bundles that only take up cabinet space. Reaching the owner is simple and practical when you require information.

  • Reduced Human Error

Inaccuracies abound in conventional bookkeeping techniques. Any receipt that is kept for a long time in a book either disappears or has its data erased. Financial transactions are incorrectly entered by bookkeepers or are overwritten. These barriers have been eliminated by AI because it offers immediate and real-time insights. Employee productivity increases and human error is reduced.

Genuine users scan or submit the invoice or receipt. The computer programme automatically retrieves all the information and inserts the entries into the designated columns and rows.

RecordMe’s Contribution to AI Improvement

Accounts receivable and payable processes are being automated by RecordMe to boost corporate productivity. We make absolutely sure that each business achieves its goals faster than expected.